Woman Crashes Wedding, Claiming Groom Is Her Baby’s Father (video)

The wedding of a couple was crashed by a woman in Detroit, U.S after she shocked guests with news that she’s having a baby for the groom.

A video from the wedding which has gone viral captured the incident.

In the video which we are not clear when it was recorded, a woman is calling out to Anthony at the outdoor wedding while the officiating Minister was reading the vows to the couple at the dome-shaped patio.

On entering the gathering, she began to scream, calling out the groom and accusing him of pretending to her and not hearing her. She could be heard saying;

“Anthony! You pretend you didn’t know me? didn’t get your psych med today?

“Anthony I know you hear me! You’re acting like you don’t know me…I got your baby here!”

Even though the couple ignored the screaming woman and the minister continued reading the vows, the woman didn’t relent and this made the wedding guests start murmuring in surprise.

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At one point, a young woman, who is seen holding a bouquet in her hands, dashes out of the patio.

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