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Trump backs Stella Immanuel, calls her speech ‘spectacular, impressive’

U.S. President Donald Trump has described as “impressive” and “spectacular” Dr Stella Immanuel and her sensational video prescribing hydroxychloroquine as cure for COVID-19.

His comment came just as social media companies cracked down on the viral coronavirus disinformation that came out of the Doctors summit event, where Immanuel spoke in Washington D.C.

That didn’t perturb Trump, who praised Immanuel and her fellow Frontline Doctors at a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

“I can tell you this, she was on air along with many other doctors,” he said.

“They were big fans of hydroxychloroquine and I thought she was very impressive in the sense that from where she came, I don’t know which country she comes from, but she said that she’s had tremendous success with hundreds of different patients, and I thought her voice was an important voice, but I know nothing about her.”

“For some reason the internet wanted to take them down and took them off,” Trump said of the group. “I Twitter took them off and I think Facebook took them off. I don’t know why I think they’re very respected doctors.”

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Trump then described Immanuel, as “spectacular” in her statements about hydroxychloroquine.

“I don’t know why they took her off, but they took her off, maybe they had a good reason, maybe they didn’t, I don’t know,” Trump said.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube removed the viral video of the event which had garnered millions of views after President Trump and others retweeted the clip.

SquareSpace also suspended the website for America’s Frontline Doctors, which put on the event.

The video featuring Immanuel, who also claimed that masks aren’t necessary for protection against COVID-19, was pulled from the platforms for sharing misinformation about the disease.

Twitter also briefly locked the Twitter account of the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., when he tweeted the video and called it a “must watch!!!”

The viral video, which racked up more than 13 million views on Facebook, drew more attention to some of Immanuel’s more bizarre previous medical claims.

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