Secret of my weight loss – Nepacious Bose

, Secret of my weight loss – Nepacious Bose, Effiezy - Top Nigerian News & Entertainment Website

, Secret of my weight loss – Nepacious Bose, Effiezy - Top Nigerian News & Entertainment Website

Bose Ogunboye, aka, Lepacious Bose, is a popular Nigerian comedienne who battled obesity for a very long time. Bose’s stage name ‘Lepacious’ is a direct opposite of what she really looks like in appearance when she started doing comedy. ‘Lepa’ in Yoruba refers to someone who is slim.

Her alias is not just an irony but had somehow foretold her weight loss long before she started losing weight.

As a comedienne, she often uses her weight to create jokes and make people laugh. Not only was she the butt of many other comedians’ jokes, she took to comedy in order to make fun of her obesity.

According to her, she turned her adversity to good fortune. Since her fellow comedians made fun of her while cracking their jokes, she started cracking jokes about her obesity. And that was how she stopped getting upset whenever they made fun of her obesity.

However, as much as she used to make fun of herself by using her weight, she actually hated being fat and would always go into depression and cry all the time. According to her, “I have cried all my life about my weight, but usually, they were tears of shame and humiliation, of frustration because I didn’t know what to do and of desperation.”

The turning point of the journey to a slender figure for Bose was an unforgettable experience. One day, she woke up and her little nephew asked about her state of health with a worried look. He heard her heavy breathing while sleeping and began to worry about her, thinking she was about to die. The little boy’s concern jolted her from her comfort zone and she decided to do something about her weight especially for health reasons.

She started eating healthy and takes exercise very serious. Today, she has a regime she follows for years now and overtime with discipline, she has gotten a new figure that is truly commendable.

, Secret of my weight loss – Nepacious Bose, Effiezy - Top Nigerian News & Entertainment Website

The end result for all the hard work at the gym is a more slender figure than she had before. She now loves to be photographed and flaunt her new figure in lovely outfits.

, Secret of my weight loss – Nepacious Bose, Effiezy - Top Nigerian News & Entertainment Website

The secret of her weight loss

Lepacious Bose didn’t lose weight overnight. She took some drastic steps and followed up with determination to reach her weight loss goal.

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Here are some of the secrets she has shared over time that helped her to lose weight:

  • She had to work on her dream for more than two years. She actually lost more than 70 kilograms and came down to 95kg. Although she relaxed afterwards and added the weight back, that didn’t stop her as she continued on the journey and never gave up. Today she has a slender body to prove that you too can do it.
  • Lepacious Bose says the secret to her weight loss lies in the fact that you must understand that losing weight is a holistic process that goes beyond just dieting.
  • According to her, the process of losing weight involves the total well-being of the individual, which is physical, mental, emotional and social. While dieting and keeping a food diary is important, the comedienne said anyone on a weight loss journey must change his/her lifestyle completely by eating healthy and exercise.
  • She also said a weight loss journey is an emotional one, adding that anyone on a weight loss regime needs someone or something to hold on to. If you also have people who will be able to cheer you up, ask for their help. Even better, if someone also wants to lose weight, do it together so you will not feel lonely in the process.
  • The result may come slowly, but it will last for a long time. That is why you should not expect immediate result, that way you will not give up easily. It is a lifestyle change, so continue and never stop till you begin to see result.
  • Today, Lepacious Bose’s before and after photos inspires other people to make changes about their weight issues. It has become much more pleasant for her to be photographed because she feels attractive. She now teaches lessons on healthy nutrition and publishes pictures of dietary dishes on her Instagram with recipes.

Just develop a system and start from somewhere to achieve victory. Nothing prevents you from trying if you want to achieve such fantastic results as Lepacious Bose.

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