Why Zoom Dating Is the Best

Now that we’re all at home doing the socially responsible thing and keeping safe, Zoom is quickly becoming the way for people to stay in touch, whether it’s for work, school, or even hanging out with friends. So it only makes sense that people are taking to Zoom and other video-chatting apps to have ~virtual~ dates with dating-app matches they can’t meet in person.

Video-vetting your matches means you don’t have to give up on the idea of dating during quarantine but it’s also kind of a good idea in general that we should maybe consider even after our lives return to normal.
Here’s why Zoom dating (on the phone, WhatsApp, or any video-chatting service) makes dating better and why most of them will continue to do it after the pandemic.

  1. “You can be yourself without worrying about people judging you as regards appearance. No more taking hours to getting ready for a date when a cute beanie and comfy sweater will do the trick! It’s also handy if the date is going bad—not only have you saved time on getting ready, but the money wasted on commuting and polite drinks/food while waiting to find the best excuse to get yourself out of there is no longer an issue too. It’s a great way to screen potential matches.”
  2. It ensures that both have chemistry. That way, you won’t waste your time meeting up with someone you wouldn’t be interested in after talking with them five minutes into a date.
  3. It gives you a chance to test out your date’s chemistry without having to get dressed up and go out. “I can normally tell within, like, five minutes if I want to see the person again, which means I’ve potentially wasted my time and money on a date when I could’ve just gotten their vibe over the phone first. I’d much rather have a bad five-minute phone call than a bad two-hour date.”
  4. “Zoom dating allows you to get a feel for chemistry without having to commit to a full-on first date. It’s like digital foreplay in a way, because it saves you the trouble of knowing you might not even be able to sustain a connection with someone over dinner. There are also no physical expectations with Zoom or video dates—if someone were to want a lil something more explicit, then they’d have to communicate that.
  5. Virtual dating allows you to find common ground and interests before anything physical takes place.

People used to think it was weird, but now COVID-19 is making it normal to do video calls as your first date. I’m pretty glad the landscape is changing in that sense. I’d much rather have a first date in the comfort of my home. I could just hang up if I’m not feeling it instead of having to sit through a whole meal or chug my drink so a bad date can end faster. Plus, there’s nothing to pay for, so the whole ‘I got it’ with the bill doesn’t happen. Once users start realizing video dating is way easier and stress-free, it will become the norm—or at least I hope it does.

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