Oldest ever conjoined twins dies at 68

Donnie and Ronnie Dayton, 68 years old, were excited to have exceeded the earlier record of oldest living attached twins with the couple proclaiming it was “what we’ve ever wished for since we were kids”

The oldest living set of attached twins departed on the 4th of July at a hospice, they were 68 years old.
Twins Donnie and Ronnie Galyon died at the Dayton, in Ohio state, at the early hours on Independence Day; an important holiday in the United States. Their deaths were verified by their brother, Jim.

Jim’s brothers stayed with him and his spouse Mary in Beavercreek for over 9 years for them to look after for the twins.

Back in 2010, 200 people volunteered from the neighborhood to help builders put in an expansion to Jim’s residence to enable the twins to dwell more comfortably.

Donnie and Ronnie kept the world title for the oldest attached twins. Both the twins sustained arthritis and it became dangerous for them to live in their former home at Dayton.
The twins sadly died on July 4th. The Galyon twins, who were conjoined at the abdomen, exceeded the lives of Eng and Chang Bunker, the first known attached twins.

The twins hoped of breaking the record as of the time they were teenagers. Local media announced that the twins were an important part of the Beavercreek neighborhood.

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