My joy as a woman aphrodisiac bestseller – Miwa Signature boss Aka “Kayanmata Goddess”

It is rather unusual for a woman to be involved in the business of sex. In Africa, women should only be seen and not heard.

And when a woman declares that she’s an expert on sexual problems, it is like putting herself on an altar to be slaughtered. These and more, are what the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Miwa Signature Palace, Akinola Oluwatomiwa Balqees, better known as Miwa has gone through. Now, she’s known as the ‘Kayanmata Goddess,’ because of the extraordinary success she has had as Nigeria’s number one seller of Aphrodisiac.

According to her, she said it is the reviews from people that have used her products that give her joy and on her Instagram there are loads and loads of reviews.

Some people have regained their lost marriage because of Miwa’s products. Even some, the husbands have abandoned have been able to find new lease of life.

The reviews simply keep me alive. It tells me we are doing great. This is not just about me, I have staff who work with me. My staff/ distributors don’t see me as their boss but their blood,” she said.

But the road to success is always laced with thorns and Miwa had her share of hard knocks in the course of her trying to stamp her authority in the business.

I tell people it’s a calling. Not everyone has the balls to go into aphrodisiac business. Abroad, its a normal thing, but in Nigeria, you are tagged a prostitute. I started selling aphrodisiac in my 2nd year in the university ad I was shy when people got to know. I was tagged the “juju seller” and I would cry myself to bed.

I skipped a whole semester, I had to rebrand my life and develop a thick skin. It’s not for the weak, It was challenging, it was only reviews from customers that encouraged me. We conquered anyways. The business is wide and I’m still learning, but yet the best in the game.

Sometimes, my male customers can be very difficult to deal with. They try to take advantage during consultations, they ask if they can try the products on me first. But the storm is wearing off and we are not only known all over Nigeria but also abroad.”

She’s known as the Kayanmata Goddess because her secret weapon is the Kayanmata herb. Miwa got to learn about it from her instructor who was teaching about skincare products.

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