Prince Royce ‘In Shock’ After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

Prince Royce revealed he’s tested positive for the coronavirus in a video on Friday warning his followers to take social distancing precautions seriously ahead of the Fourth of July weekend.
The 31-year-old singer said he tested positive for COVID-19 two weeks ago, even though he constantly washed his hands and wore a mask.
“It’s something that, I’m in shock,” he says. “I didn’t think it was going to happen to me.”
Royce said he was fortunately feeling better and hopes to test negative after a week or so.

“But I’m concerned and frustrated with what’s going on around the country,” he shares. “People not practicing social distancing, seeing people not wearing a mask. … I’m concerned for people that do have pre-existing conditions and low immune systems. We just don’t know what’s going on

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Fui diagnosticado con el COVID-19 y estoy en el día número 12 desde que comenzaron los síntomas. Mi caso ha sido leve y me estoy sintiendo bien. Les comparto esto hoy para pedirles de corazón que por favor no bajemos la guardia – este virus es real y podemos estar contagiando a los demás sin siquiera saber que lo tenemos. Yo no pensaba que lo tenía pues no me sentía tan mal y si no me hago la prueba tal vez estaría propagando el virus, sin saberlo. Este fin de semana festivo por favor mantengan la distancia social, usen sus máscaras, si no tienen que trabajar o reunirse, no lo hagan. Para los jóvenes esto más que por cuidarnos, es para cuidar a los demás, a las personas mayores o con sistemas inmunológicos comprometidos. Por favor tomemos esto en serio, con responsabilidad y con compasión. Cuidémonos. — I was diagnosed with COVID-19 and I am on day number 12 since my symptoms began. My case has been mild and I am feeling well. I share this with you today to ask you please not let down your guard – this virus is very real and we can have it and spread it without even knowing. I didn’t think I had it as I didn’t feel that bad and had I not gotten tested I would be spreading it to others. This holiday weekend please maintain social distancing, use masks, if you don’t have to leave home to work or get together with others, don’t do it. For younger people, this is more than just about taking care of ourselves, it is about taking care of others, older people and those with compromised immune systems. Please let’s take this seriously and act responsibly and with compassion. Let’s all take care of each other. #COVID19

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