Reject card reader machine at your own peril – INEC warns

The Niger state Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Professor Samuel Egwu has warned that any polling unit where the use of card reader machine is resisted will have its results cancelled.

Egwu gave this warning against the backdrop of what happened during the Presidential and National Assembly elections where some polling units resisted the use of card readers.

Speaking to newsmen in Minna, the REC said all political parties and communities leaders have been educated on this and have been told to tell their followers against interfering in the use of the smart card readers.

“Any resistance of smart card reader will have consequence. Deliberate stopping the use of smart card reader will not do good for the polling units because any polling unit where smart card reader usage are resisted, the poll conducted will be cancelled.”

He also said that results will be cancelled in polling units where there will be infractions or over voting.

The Resident Electoral Commissioner noted that the March 9th election would be more competitive as it is expected that people who did not vote in the last election will come out and vote.

This election will be more competitive because all politics are local and this election is a local election and many people who did not vote last time will vote now. There will be more interest which is why we are doing a thorough review of our process in order to cover every loopholes.

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