Nigerian man cries as his wife kneels and praises him (Video)

A video has emerged of a man crying uncontrollably as his wife lavishes him with praises at a public event.

The lady who went on her kneels, said: “You always make me proud. You are not rich but there is nothing I want that this man doesn’t do for me.

He would go out of his way. Whatever makes me happy makes him happy. God thank you. I’m grateful. He even takes my family as his own blood.

What more can I asked for? I’m not more than this, but he loves me despite all my flaws. God I’m thankful. It’s not as if I’m perfect or because of my uprightness.

I know you are not rich but out of the little God gave you, you put a smile on my face. God won’t forget you my husband..

You won’t be found wanting when it comes to taking care of your responsibilities. No one will take you place in your mother’s or father’s house.

Abdulfatai, you won’t be slaves to your mates. You are the head and will never be the tail. I’m proud of you.”

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