“Being a mother isn’t easy”- Emma Nyra says as she shares picture of her twins at 6 Months

American born, Nigerian singer, Emma Nyra has shared a picture of her twins as they clock 6 months old.

The singer revealed how raising them up to this level hasn’t been easy for her, an experience she calls life-changing.She welcomed to the two beautiful children named Alexandría and Alexander on August 11, 2018 after 36 hours of labor.
Just like Cardi B, since the birth of her children, Emma has still not revealed their faces.

Sharing a picture of the cute twins, which she covered their faces with king and queen stickers, Emma Nyra wrote on Instagram: “Wow God is so good. Time is really flying. At this very moment 6 months ago, God changed my life for the better. Sleepless nights and moments of love and laughter for sure. It hasn’t been easy but Mommy and Daddy love you forever. You will never be alone in this world and I promise to make you so proud to call me Mommy 💜 Should I make a page for them? Happy 6 months my loves~ @nyranation #Twins #Multiples#AlexanderEmmanuel #AlexandríaEmaní#MamaIbeji”

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