Woman finds out her boyfriend saved her life six years before they met

A man donated blood to save a random woman’s life 11 years ago, not knowing that the woman will one day become his girlfriend.

Lin Xiaofen was involved in a life-threatening accident 11 years ago in Taiwan. After the horrific crash, Lin was in a critical condition and doctors had to pump her with 10 pints of blood and two isolated platelets. She eventually recovered but was left with a disorder which meant she was in need of further blood donations.

A man named Lian Zhicheng was one of those who donated blood for Lin Xiaofen when she needed more blood years after her accident.

6 years later, when Lin moved to Hsinchu in north-west Taiwan, she met Lian and they felt an ‘instant connection’ and began dating. When she told her new boyfriend, a regular donor, about her accident and what happened after, Lian joked that he might have been the one who donated the blood that saved her life.

A few tests later, and the couple confirmed that in fact, Lian was one of the blood donors who had saved Lin years after her accident.

Talking about the accident which occured in 2008 and how she needed subsequent donations a few years later, Lian joked he was giving his blood at the time and whether she’d been given his.

So they checked the donor’s ID number with the staff at the station which took in the donation and confirmed that it was Lian.

Lin told Pear Video:

When they told me it was a Mr. Lian from Hsinchu, I felt surprised.

And Lian joked, asking the public to donate blood because ‘you might have a chance to save your future wife.’

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