Herbalists Raise Alarm Over Strange Shrine Found In A Bush In Ekiti. (Photos)

Report has it that a strange shrine that discovered in the bush on the boundaries of Iworo and Are-Ekiti, have caused unrest among some herbalists from Are-Ekiti in Ekiti state.

Speaking with Babatunde Bamigboye (Omo Edema), one of the herbalists who identified himself as Mr. Kunle, said an herbalist friend who recently missed his way while on his herb-fetching activity near the bush discovered the scary building.

According to Mr. Kunle, “An herbalist friend from Are-Ekiti came to inform us that he missed his way recently in the bush between Iworoko and Are-Ekiti only to burst out at a strange shrine where he met nobody.

The herbalists said vigilance is very important now that ritual killers and diabolic people were seemed to be on the increase in the country.

Sculptures and other unconventional spots were discovered at the shrine.

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