Heartbroken lady narrates how her boyfriend of 4 years traveled to Ghana to marry someone else

An aggrieved lady has taken to social media to narrate how his boyfriend of 4 years reportedly traveled to Ghana for a secret wedding to another lady.

According to the young lady, she paid for his boyfriend flight to Kumasi, Ghana, after he claimed he needed to see his sick dad. She got to know about the secret wedding from her boyfriend’s friend after he traveled.

See her on the secret wedding reads;

“Together for 4years, paid ur rent and bills and every single shit u needed nd wanted. U were number one on the priority list. Said u needed to travel to Kumasi to see ur sick dad. Paid ur plane ticket, only to see ur wedding invitation from ur friend two days after? Hmmm”

“I really wanna attend this wedding but friends and family tryna stop me. F**k love. Tired of trying”

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