Check out this UNIBEN graduate & MSc holder who is a hunter (Photo)

A Nigerian hunter has been found out to have acquired a BSc in Sociology and even a MSc in Criminology from different universities. Hunters are often regarded to be persons with very little or no education at all who have taken to hunting to make ends meet.

However, one particular hunter is proving this school of thought to be very wrong after all. The man, identified as Onayemi Temitope Timothy, does not just have a BSc, he also has an MSc degree.

Onayemi made the revelation by himself on his Twitter page where he shared a photo of himself holding some animals he caught from the bush. He revealed that even though he is a hunter, he has a BSc degree in Sociology and an MSc degree in Criminology.

According to him, he catches fresh wild animals like pangolin, big snakes, antelopes, wild cats and others, and then supplies them within Ogun state.

He asked his followers to help him retweet so he can reach more people. He wrote:

“I am Onayemi Temitope Timothy, B.Sc (Sociology, UNIBEN), M.Sc .(Criminology, UI).

“I am a hunter, I supply fresh wild animals like Pangolin, big Snakes, Antelope, wild cat etc within Ogun state.

“Help retweet my customers might be on ur TL.”

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