Woman Diagnosed With Rare Condition That Prevents Her From Hearing MALE Voices

In news that’s bound to make some women jealous, a woman in China has been diagnosed with a rare ear condition that prevents her from hearing male voices.

The woman, known only by her surname, Chen, woke up one morning to find that she was unable to hear her boyfriend’s voice.

She also experienced ringing in her ears, as well as vomiting, according to a Newsweek report.

After attending hospital, Chen discovered that bizarrely, she could hear female voices, leading doctors to diagnose her with a rare ear condition, known as ‘reverse-slope hearing loss.’
The condition affects the ability to hear low-pitched sounds, and can be caused by blood vessel problems, trauma or autoimmune disorders.

In Chen’s case, doctors believe that stress from working late and losing sleep caused her low-frequency hearing decline.
However, while we might joke about the benefits of blocking out male voices, reverse-slope hearing loss is a serious condition, and can even lead to permanent hearing loss.

Thankfully, if the condition is detected early enough it can be reversed.

Speaking to Live Science, Dr Michelle Kraskin, an audiologist who wasn’t involved in this case, said: “Most studies have shown that if you catch it within 48 hours, you have the best chance for recovery.”

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