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White Ladies Engage In Prostitution With Nigerian Drug Dealers In Return To Get Drugs From Them

The pathetic situation of a place/abandoned building where Nigerians live in Milan, Italy has been uncovered yet again.

Some Italian men visited an abandoned building said to be cohabited by mostly Nigerians and a few others in the area – to investigate what is really going on there.

According to reports, most Nigerians there are alleged to be selling illegal drugs to children and women. It is believed that a dose of heroin is being sold for five euros.

It was also reported that White girls also engage in prostitution there with the Nigerian gangs so they can get free drugs in return as they become slaves to the Nigerian drug dealers.

The Nigerian men are also alleged to be practising cultism and voodoo in the area as burnt items including mannequins were seen scattered all over the place.

Some Italian girls were also seen sleeping together with Nigerians in the rooms.

When one of the men asked an Italian lady what she was doing there, a Nigerian man woke up from the mattress and allegedly urinated in front of the Italians while holding a machete in his hand before the men took to their heels.

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