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#LionAir: Brand new plane carrying 188 passengers crashes into sea after takeoff in Indonesia, No survivor found yet (Photos)

A plane carrying 188 people has crashed into the sea north of Indonesia’s capital Jakarta shortly after take-off.

Pictures and video shared online by the head of Indonesia’s disaster relief agency show debris and oil floating on the water.

The fate of the passengers is unknown, but relatives were seen crying as they awaited news on their loved ones.

o Survivor(Pic) by Explorers(m): 6:02am
The Lion Air aircraft crashed about 13 minutes after taking off for Indonesia.

Data from the Flight Radar website showed the plane took off before it stopped transmitting north east of Jakarta.

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Preliminary flight tracking data from Flightradar24 shows the aircraft climbed to around 5,000 feet (1,524 m) before losing, and then regaining, height, before finally falling towards the sea.

Wreckage from the plane and miscellaneous items belonging to its passengers

No survivors have been found, and seats from the plane were found empty, floating in the ocean, striking fear into the hearts of those with loved ones on board.

The relatives were seen comforting each other as they all waited as a group for news.

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