See 5 Ways A Child Can Be Spoilt In A Nigerian Compound House

Raising a child is a difficult task especially for parents that are not always around. In fact, you may try your best to give your child the best training, but they end up being influenced by the environment.

It is very challenging to bring up your children in a crowded environment. Trust me, they tend to learn one or two bad habits unconsciously. This is why it is advisable for parents living in public compound to watch out for their children very well.

In this article, you will learn the 5 ways a child can be spoilt in a Nigerian compound house. Take note of them and guide your kids jealously against them. Don’t lose-guard, otherwise, you will have yourself to blame.

5 Ways A Child Can Be Spoilt In A Nigerian Compound House

#1. Tenants Start Teaching Them Adult Stuff

An adult tenant within your compound tends to befriend your child and start teaching them adult stuff. They start seeing movies that are beyond them, learning some other without your knowledge. This is definitely one of the ways a child can be spoilt in a Nigerian compound house.

#2. They Tend To Learn Bad Things From Other Kids

Naturally, some kids are bad. They tend to influence other kids who play with them negatively. Whether these kids are petty thieves, disrespectful, do bad things with little girls etc, they are likely going to influence your own child.

So, watch out for these kids and protect your child from them. Otherwise, they may turn your child into something in no time.

We have heard stories of how little kids are caught having sex with themselves. These are some of the bad influences we are talking about.

#3 They Secretly Learn From Tenants With Dubious Characters

This is also among the ways a child can be spoilt in a Nigerian compound house. In every public compound in Nigeria, they must be a particular tenant with a dubious way of life.

Trust me, once your child starts seeing their lifestyle often, they tend to secretly learn these lifestyles. If you are the type that is not conscious about what is happening around your children, they may become something else before you know it.

It may interest you to know that every badly behaved child out there started so innocently. So, learn to nip certain characters in the bud once you notice them in your child.

#4. Parents Are Not Home To Monitor Them Most Times

It is a normal thing in Nigeria for parents to leave their kids at home alone during working hour. During this time, most kids are home alone, playing with other kids around the hood with no one around to monitor their activities.

Guess what? This is the time they do the naughtiest things with their friends. However, it is advisable to always leave them with adults whenever you are not around. This is relatively better.

#5. They Spy For Neighbours

When you live in a hood when there are Yoruba demons, your kids are likely to be spying for them. In fact, they will help these players watch out if their girlfriends are coming around while they are with other girls.

This could be normal, but in the long run, your child is actually learning something bad. Therefore, it is advisable to rebuke all illegal errands your child run for people within the hood.

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