Dangote Son-In-Law’s Babymama, Irene Reveals Her Near Death Experience With Armed Robbers In Lagos

Irene Chiamaka Nwachukwu, Dangote’s Son-in-law’s alleged babymama, who is in a child paternity mess with Jamil Abubakar who is married to one of Dangote’s daughters, has taken to instagram to explain how she bravely escaped a robbery incident last night in Lagos. Irene said it would have been another story if she had not acted like a daughter of a retired police officer or if she had not been brave enough personally. Honestly, one thing learnt from her story. Be brave! Damage things, don’t give up, lol. how she narrated the incident below….

This happened at about past 7pm on oworonshoki road,leading to third mainland bridge. I was trying to avoid traffic cos the major roads were all blocked and I was supposed to be home before 6 because i had my child in the car seat and my sister too, but I still ended up in traffic that was barely even moving.
I was on the phone with my mechanic complaining about how he still hasn’t fixed what I paid him for,when Two guys wearing black approached, started hitting my window and forcing my door open but thank goodness my car is always on central lock. They were shouting ‘open this door, and pointing something that looked like a gun, but i took a quick close look at it and realized it was a scaffold spanner pointed to make it look like a gun. My dad is a retired police officer,I definitely can recognize a real gun even in my sleep.
I knew their next option was to break my glass as they were still struggling to open my door,in my mind i was like “I’ll be damned if i let the robbers have their way, so I reversed and deliberately hit the car at my back and did the same with the car in front of me,seeing that the gap wasn’t so much and there won’t be any damage on their bumpers cos i knew they were oblivious to what was going on and would wanna come down to check for any scratch,as soon as the robbers saw that the men were coming down from their car they immediately crossed to the other side of the road and i quickly put on my hazard light to make the men think my car had developed a fault,the men didn’t bother coming to confront me maybe because it was raining or because there was no damage, then i joined the next lane. All these happened in less than a minute and i was scared to death

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