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Suicidal Nigerian Lady Who Overcame Depression; Thanks Twitter For Saving Her (See How)

A Nigerian lady, Emem Uwah, has taken to her twitter handle to narrate how Nigerians on twitter came to her aid when she was depressed and suicidal.

She wrote on how someone paid her rent, paid for her medication and also helped her search for a job. Its quite an interesting read.

See her tweets below;

“Twitter gives me joy,
On this app, someone helped me with my rent
On this app, someone helped me look for a house in Ibadan
On this app, Someone helped me move from Oyo Town to Ibadan
On this app, someone encouraged me to hold and stay strong that everything was going to be ok

On this app, someone kept sending job opportunity links to me
On this app, someone paid for ulcer drugs
And the one that has really made me happy this month, which I'm so glad to let y'all know is...
Someone on this app referred me to a friend who employed me

Dear Twerps, finally I have a place to stay in IBADAN
I now go out every morning, telling my neighbors I'm off to work.
Depression is gone.
I am Happy.
October is just a start of something New.

I now trust in the Magic of New Beginnings.
I haven't even met most of these people that helped me.
Twitter ain't so bad as people portray it.
I just want to thank these people who looked out for me, especially the ones I'm yet to meet.
God bless y'all

For helping me get my life together.
I know the start is always rough, but y'all have taught me to take it ONE STEP AT A TIME.
No more suicidal thoughts.
I never knew Adulthood could be stressful, but y'all have taught me how to be strong.

The start may not look so good but I still have that strong feeling that I'm still gonna get my dream job through someone on this app.
Twitter saved my life.
They are so many wonderful people on this app and I'm glad I didn't come across the bad ones"</strong>

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