Man Heartbroken After Wife Revealed Why She Cheated On Him With Married Man.

A Nigerian man has been left devastated after he recently discovered that his wife of three years has been having an extra-marital affair. According to a social media influencer, Rita Egwu, the man’s wife had been going see her lover (who is also married) in the apartment he rented for her years ago.

The woman who has now filed for divorce, allegedly told her husband that the man in question lavishes money on her and is very caring. She also allegedly said that she only married him to get a child because of her age.

Read the full report below;

I am so unhappy this morning. A male friend of mine just called to inform me that he just found out his wife of 3 years had maintained the rent of her former house where she lived before they got married. She had been going to spend time with the married man she was dating before they got married.

On confronting her she said “If na you, you go leave that kind man for yourself?” ” He lavishes me with money and is very caring, I only married you to have a child because of my age”.

Honestly, I have nothing to say to him. My only advice was he should just pray and forgive. He should find out what the married man is doing right and emulate.

Abi wetin I for talk?

Chai! Dude is inconsolable and keeps rambling ” I love my wife and wanted the best for her”.

Meanwhile madam moved out when he traveled. She took everything including pulling the electric wires on the wall, spoons, mop stick, matchstick, pure water nylon bag, broom etc. Left only the chairs in the living room because they are old.

She has filed for divorce already. He will be reading comments.

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