Is Ambode Paying For The Sin His Wife Committed?

Sometimes, the sins we committed today comes back to hurt us tomorrow.

In 2017, their was news of Ambode’s wife slapping a priest because he didn’t give her a preferential treatment during communion session.
The manner in which Governor Ambode handled the situation could be the reason why he would never come back for second term as governor of Lagos state .

Our God is a patient God , he gives enough room for sinners to retrace their steps from sin, and failure to do so would lead to punishment .

Governor Ambode instead of apologizing to the man of God whom his wife slapped for not giving her a preferential treatment as the wife of the governor , he decided to sack the chaplain, throw his family and properties out of their place of residence .

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Did Ex governor Ikedi Ohakim flogging of parish priest in Imo state cross your mind?

Ikedi Ohakim will never ever be a second term governor in Imo state till this world comes to an end , even after he has apologized for his shameful actions .

Same fate is about to play out on Governor Ambode’s political career if he doesn’t retrace his steps because disrespecting a man of God is a disrespect to God almighty .

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