Dele Momodu And Kayode Ogundamisi Engage In War Of Words On Twitter

Political activist, Kayode Ogundamisi and Ovation magazine boss, Dele Momodu, are currently engaged in a war of words on Twitter. This is following an information about EFCC freezing senator Ademola Adeleke and Davido’s bank accounts.

The information which has been proven to be false, was ‘spread’ by Dele Momodu who later apologized.

Taking to Twitter, Kayode Ogundamisi slammed the Ovation magazine boss for spreading Fake News. He went ahead to ridicule Dele Momodu by calling him Davido’s boy.

Kayode Ogundamisi wrote:

”@DeleMomodu cooked & spread the LIE that @officialEFCC froze @iam_Davido @IsiakaAdeleke1 accounts, @Maybeks cursed the hell out of ‘TYRANT’ @MBuhari then @OfficialPDPNig also cursed the hell out of @MBuhari but when the #FakeNews was bursted only Davido’s boy apologised. THINK!”

Responding to the backlash from Kayode and other Twitter users, Dele Momodu reminded them that even CNN makes such mistake too. He went on to lambaste Kayode whom he says is consumed by hate and envy, and that Davido has more sense than him.

”Bros, the biggest news organisations can get their facts wrong; even CIA had admitted several times they missed their targets due to failure of intelligence… Anyway, how are you and yours?

''I had prayed silently and fervently that KO would leave me alone and look for other victims of his rabid activism but alas he is so consumed by hate and envy and I'm left with no choice now than to get the fly off my back...

''DAVIDO obviously has more sense than KO and the young man has since apologised publicly and like all decent people we have embraced openly but the likes of KO won't promote peace since he thrives only in commotion.''</strong>

Kayode Ogundamisi didn’t take long to fire back at Dele Momodu. He wrote:

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”Agbero! Tuto e danu! @DeleMomodu won’t dear call me his boy. He met me on the barricades. NOTHING personal against him. I understand he’s not pleased I was the first to expose his @iam_Davido @officialEFCC #FakeNews He’s free to back MESUJAMBA but his LIES wont go unanswered.”

Sensing that Kayode Ogundamisi feels he’s better than him in the political scene, Dele Momodu decided to reel out some names of world leaders he’s met.

”I’m proud to drop the names of Buhari, Osinbajo and world leaders I’ve met in my private and official capacities; you can’t drop what do don’t have…

''Don't make your tongue sour tonight pls... He is one old man practising students activism in London... I've never attacked him but every now and then he attacks me and calls later, shamelessly...

''KO is a big joke trying to use me to impress his masters but when I sit with Buhari, Osinbajo and others he's trying to reach, he can't come near the door... I earned my respect...

''KO can't survive in Nigeria because he can't go near the table of his masters here... He complained to me several times... I was quite sympathetic...</strong>

Kayode responds:

”@DeleMomodu I don’t take personal photographer’s to meetings 4 validation, thats your daily bread. I don’t DROP NAMES to VALIDATE my existence. Im not @iam_Davido’ “boy” or a photo journalist in awe at every corrupt mbr of Nigeria’s ruling elite. U wont see me pandering to them.”

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