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See The Nigerian Man That Willed 20% Of His Wealth To His Cat (Photo)

A Kano-based man has willed 20% of his wealth to his beloved cat whom he calls Sweety d cat.

In an interview with BBC, Habibu Muazu Yahaya, says he has willed 20% of his wealth to his beloved cat and wishes that his family follows his instruction when he dies.

"Di reason why I wan give my money to my cat 'Sweety' afta I die"

For Europe, America, Asia and oda obodo Oyibo places, to see how pipo and animals dey live wit pets no be new tin.

For Africa, pipo get pets too - dogs, cats, goats, chicken, Peacock. Wetin dey different between most areas for Africa and oda areas for di world be say, pipo here no too dey reason animal welfare as dem dey do for obodo oyibo .

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So e fit surprise pipo wen dem meet sombodi like Habibu Muazu Yahaya.

Mr Yahaya na poultry farmer wey dey live for Kano, northern Nigeria and like most Kano pipo, e get farm wey e plant maize and rice.

E get cat wey im name na Sweety and oga Yahaya tok say e don write Will wey go make sure say di cat no suffer if anytin happun to am.

As di tori dey spread about wetin Mr Yahaya do so, BBC Pidgin tori pesin, Mansur Abubakar, go meet am to know why e do dis kain tin wey pipo for dis area no dey do and e possible say dem no go understand.

"Di reason why I write dis WILL be say I know say as Muslims, we believe say death fit come anytime and I no wan make Sweety suffer at all," na so e tok.

Image caption Mr Yahaya say im main concern be say pipo fit no do di Will as e want am
For Africa, dis kain love between man and animal no common at all.

E true say Nigerians and Africans dey like dia animals - weda pets or to breed - but to say pesin do Will like say na relative don enta anoda level of love.

Mr Yahaya tok say "Since I dey small, I dey always get pet but no one enter my heart like dis and sometimes I go just sit down dey tink what if death snatch me now, who fit take care of Sweety like dis."

E say e dey spend over N1,000 evri day to buy milk and fish for di cat. E tok say na im parlour dem dey always stay together, sleep for di same room wit her two young kittens wey she just born.

Mr Yahaya yan say im family know how much e like Sweety and dem no think say to write Will for di Cat na bad tin.

E say im main concern na weda dem go do di Will as e want am.

"Because I know say for Nigeria we no still dey see animals as anytin, I just want make dem dey use di 20% feed her, take care of her and her pikin."

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Image caption Ghana boy who dey imitate sound of over 50 animals want enter Guinness Book of Records
On to di concern wey Mr Yahaya tok, BBC Pidgin raise di mata wit two lawyers weda di Will go happun.

Barrister Abel Ozioko say animal no get right of inheritance for Nigeria law so Mr Yahaya Will no go work.

"Assuming say na UK or US, dia dem get dat one but here na only humans dey inherit."

But Barrister Musa Salihu no follow gree wit im fellow lawyer.

E say e dey possible because na WILL Mr Yahaya write and Nigerian laws dey allow traditional arrangement.

"Evri pesin get right to write im Will and for Nigerian law, even though e no dey spelt out but space dey always dey for tins like dis, so e dey possible."

For now Yahaya and Sweety dey continue to live and jolli togeda but as dem dey talk am, nobodi know tomorrow.

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