Top 5 Countries That Offer Sex Cheaply

Prostitution is prohibited by many countries when done in the open or behind closed doors.

Religious countries like Saudi Arabia place a strict punishment on people caught in the act. Many people uphold the perception that, prostitution is purely against human decency or morality. Even the high and lower class of prostitutes preferred to be called sex workers.

Every year, millions of people planning tourism travel consider countries with high sex workers to spice up their tourist experience ― makes us at doubt if anybody hates sex.

Relax your nerves, and grab a cup of chilled water, as we take you on a fascinating mind-blowing experience.

1. Nigeria

The most populated country in Africa is the number one on our list. This is a great location for free/cheap sex. Despite the strict stigma sex workers are faced with, Nigeria is still the hub of prostitution. Recently, a car driver was reported to have been charged to court for not paying a sex worker. This begs the question is prostitution truly not legalized in Nigeria?

The population of divorced women is fast rising in the country, and with such impending advantages, tourists can explore the wider options of pleasure aside the young female prostitutes. Sex in the country is relatively so cheap.

2. Thailand

This is the sex paradise of the world. Sex in Thailand city, Pattaya, cannot be compared with any other place in the world. 3000 out of 10,000 females in the country are prostitutes ― Sex freaks and tourist alike have the upper advantages to explore various options readily available to them.

Patpong and Bangkok are other great places in Thailand to get young and beautiful girls at affordable prices. Another fast-rising venture in Thailand is Gay prostitutes, they operate in the country.

The cost of enjoying sex in Thailand is dependent on the type of prostitute you prefer. Their prostitute ranges from go-go girls (most expensive) to street hookers (relatively cheap).

3. Switzerland

Prostitution is legalized and regulated by the Switzerland government. Sex workers operate in a safe and separate settlement away from the neighborhood. This settlement was built by the government with over $2 million of taxpayers’ money and managed with an annual budget of $800,000.

Although, recently there have been campaigns by various organizations in the country, demanding that the government should ban sex workers practice.

Switzerland is still a good choice for people who wish to enjoy legalized free sex.

4. Germany

Germany unlike other EU countries, legalized prostitution. Nudity is even allowed in some areas of the country. The instant availability of sex can be disguised under the form of art, whereby people who are in need of sexual desires can enroll in the art class, and draw Unclad women. 1000 out of 10,000 women in the country are prostitutes.

A survey reveals that more than 60 percent of German women have cheated on their partners. Tourists who might want to heighten their sex tourism pleasure can consider here. There is a high chance of getting a free sex from married women, that is if you are loaded with bucks.

5. Spain

Sex in Spain is expensive but worth the cash. The country has beautiful and hot girls, who could knock you silly off your feet and eventually empty your pockets in a couple of days.

In 2015, a Spain judge, Juan Augustin Maragall, ruled in Barcelona court that prostitutes should be given contracts, security of benefits, healthcare, pensions and unemployment payments by brothel owners.

The country law also allows nudity as a fundamental individual right, making it the most liberal country to be nude and enjoy sex in public places.

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