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Passenger Sexually Harasses Taxify Driver In Lagos

A lady identified as Julia Biebem has taken to Facebook to narrate on how a passenger sexually harassed her brother who is a Taxify driver in Lagos.

According to the lady, the passenger deliberately left her handkerchief on the car and asked the Taxify driver to bring it home for her, only to meet her Unclad in her room.

Read her story below:

Story of a Taxify Driver: We always hear stories of how Uber and Taxify Drivers harass passengers but we don’t hear the stories of how passengers harass these drivers. My brother is a Taxify driver.

Today 4th Sept, he took a lady from Thomas Estate to Stillwater Garden, Ikate. He dropped her at about 8pm and drove off only for the lady to call him on the phone to say she forgot her handkerchief in the car, that he should bring it.

He drove back to her house, got to her gate, called that he’s outside. She told him to bring it inside the house. Reluctantly, he went inside only to find her Unclad! Confused and in shock, he threw the handkerchief on the ground and ran out and in the process hurt his leg.

What if he went further and the lady starts screaming for help that he wants to rape her? Who would believe a common Taxify driver!


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