5 Things You Should Never Leave In Your Car

There are things you’re advised not to leave in your car. This applies especially when the inside of your car gets hot. Inside of your car can handle hot temperature because that’s the way they were designed.

Withstanding high temperature may not be the same for some other things you leave in your car.

We all know that fresh tomatoes shouldn’t be left for long in your trunk, but there are other items you are advised to take along with you when you park and exit your car.

These are 5 things you should not leave in your car.

1. Children:
Sure, they are not things but they are more important to us than anything in this world. The sad reality is they are sometime left behind or forgotten in cars.

Some minutes after parking, the temperature inside of your car can go high more than the outside temperature. Such heat can be a death trap for kids. Don’t leave kids in a car, they can die of suffocation.

2. Medications:
Researches have shown that extreme temperature can affect the molecular structure of medications. If you’re an art student, don’t ask me the meaning of molecular structure.

Exposing drugs to such high temperature will compromise its efficacy.

3. Electronics:
Most of the electronic gadgets we use are not friendly with heat. Extreme temperature can damage the processors in these devices as well as reduce their battery life.

They are not only vulnerable to heat; burglars can see them and want to break into your car.

4. Original copies of your car documents:
It is always advisable to just keep the photocopies of these documents inside of your car. it is very risky to leave the original copies inside.

5. Bottle water:
This is most applicable to plastic water bottles. When they are exposed to high temperature, chemicals from the plastic can make their way into the water and contaminate it.

You can add yours if you know any.

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