What will happen if Manchester United don’t win title this season – Mourinho

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, has said that he will still regard himself as “one of the greatest managers in the world,” even if he fails to win the Premier League title this season.

Mourinho stated this while speaking to the media on Friday. The former Chelsea boss said that last season was successful, even if he did not win any silverware.

United were thrashed 3-0 by Tottenham at Old Trafford, having suffered a 3-2 defeat to Brighton in their second fixture of the 2018/2019 campaign.

Those results have seen Mourinho face huge criticism, with many predicting that he could be sacked soon.

Mourinho delivered a message of defiance, telling reporters: “I am the manager of one of the greatest clubs in the world but I am also one of the greatest managers in the world.”

When asked if he would still maintain same stand even if he failed to win a title with United, he added: “Of course.

“Do you ask that question to the manager that finished third in the Premier League or fourth? To the manager who finished fifth.”

He added: “I had great success last season and that’s what you probably don’t want to admit.

“I analyse my performance, myself and for me it is more important what I think than what you think. I repeat that two seasons ago we had a fantastic season by winning the Europa League.

“This season and last everybody thought Atletico Madrid were amazing because they won the Europa League after being knocked out of the Champions League.

“We won the Europa League because that was our level. We are the last team in England to win a European trophy. And last season, I repeat, I won eight titles.

“I am the only manager in the world that won in Italy, Spain and England and by winning eight titles – not small titles or countries – my second position last season is one of my greatest achievements in football.”

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