Would You Buy This Air Conditioning Motorcycle Helmet For ₦218,000 (Photo & Video)

This Feher ACH-1 Helmet is the world’s first and only self-contained air-conditioned helmet designed to give motorcyclists a more comfortable ride in hot weather.

The $600 dollars Helmet weighs 1,450 grams and comes standard with an anti-scratch and anti-fog coated face shield.

The A.C system can be powered from either the motorcycle’s battery (with the help of a quick disconnect cord with a switch) or through a built-in battery packs that can be bought separately.

By utilizing thermoelectric technology (same as the one used to cool seats in luxury cars), the patented full-face Air Conditioning Helmet evenly distributes filtered, cooled air freely throughout the entire interior of the helmet.

Its patented Tubular Space Fabric and the helmets comfort liner allows the helmet to provide consistent, optimal temperature.

Feher said
“That temperature variance will be more significant in higher temperatures and can be up to ten to fifteen degrees cooler”

“Keeping your head cooler will make your body feel less impacted by the heat and make for a more comfortable ride in hot conditions than riding with your regular helmet”

Would You Buy This Air Conditioning Motorcycle Helmet For ₦218 Thousand?

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