Top 6 Apps To Use For The New Premier League Season 2018/2019.

There’s no doubt that the English Premier league is the best and most exciting league in the world so in order to keep you fully geared to know all that’s going on in your favorite league, we have selected ten of the best apps for you to install in your phones right now. The season has started and a lot is going to be happening, these apps will also help you in your sports prediction, keep you updated with the latest team news and squads, to upcoming fixtures and match results / info. On top of all that, this app lets you manage your Fantasy Premier League team.


FORZA is a rich live score app that everyone loves because of it’s simple User Interface. It gives you minute by minute update of happenings in every game Live. Player stats, match stats, standings, and so much more is included in this application.


This is one of the most popular apps on the playstore. It not only covers the Premiere league but everything sports ranging from Formula One, NBA, football, tennis etc. When it comes to the Premier League, it gives you access to a ton of stats, squads, per-player stats, video highlights, standing, fixtures, and more.

3. EPL Live

This app is also another great app on the playstore for sports lovers, it does not only give you updates on the premiere league alone but also other sports as well. In addition to scores, you’re also getting all the match stats, while news are also a part of this application. You can also check out highlights from matches, while detailed player profiles are also included here.

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4. Premiere league 2018/2019 Pro

This app is all about the Premiere league and it gives you up-to-date Premier League standings, fixtures, statistics, news, and some other information. There are lots of people who care about only the premiere league and those watch other leagues. This is the right app for them.

  1. Guess the logo English premiere league.

This version of the App focuses on the Premiere league. Like the name implies, it allows you to play the guess game of every logo of football clubs in the premiere league as well as the lower championship so as to make things a little tough. If you wan to learn the logo of all the teams in the Premiere league, this app is just perfect for you.


With this app, you can watch all matches live.
But takes alot of data. To watch a match takes about about 650MB

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