See How Much This Couple Found After They Opened Their Piggy Bank (Photo)

This Nigerian couple received the shock of their lives after they broke their joint piggy bank in which they were actively saving in for over 7 months but couldn’t believe the amount they found inside it.

The husband, Iheaka Michael Somadina Flb took to Facebook to reveal they found N240 (Two pieces of hundred naira note & Two pieces of twenty naira note) in the piggy bank they were keeping money in since January this year.

According to him, he’s confused despite being told by a close relative that some carpenters who make these boxes go diabolical with it.

Read his post below;
“After breaking our piggy bank yesterday, we found this. Me and my wife have been saving in these since January and my wife has been very very consistent.

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Before breaking it, we checked to ensure it wasn’t tampered with and we live alone. A close relative we showed it to told us she heard some carpenters who make these boxes go diabolical with it.

I’m a little confused sha and I don’t know what to even believe. Has anyone ever experienced something of this nature?”

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