My Husband Has Big Useless Manhood, Can’t Go More Than 1 Round – Zimbabwean Lady

AN ABUSIVE man was brought to shame last week on Tuesday at the Lupane Magistrates’ Courts when his bitter wife complained that he had a big but useless organ.

Thando Sengwayo (29) did not live up to his name which literally means “love” but opted to be physically abusive whenever a domestic argument arose between him and his wife Sinqobile Sibanda (25).

Sibanda told the court that more trouble came when she was supposed to get her conjugal rights.

“Your worship, this man has sexually abused me for a long time. He has a big joystick where one would assume it works to expectations but akulalutho (it’s useless). He is lazy and does one round and a short one for that matter then he sleeps,” complained Sibanda.

The woman went on to say that Sengwayo claimed to be tired most of the time.

“Most of the times he comes home drunk and when it’s time for our bedroom life he will claim that he is too tired saying he works a physically demanding job of brick moulding. He would also complain that I’m a troublesome wife who loves sex too much and in the process he would hit me with a rope,” she said.

In a bid to improve the sour relationship Sinqobile told the court that she engaged Sengwayo’s aunt but nothing fruitful was realised.

“I engaged his aunt to talk to him but when she did he told her he does not suffer from any ailment. I have three children with this man. I’m seeking a protection order because I fear that if this problem continues unresolved he will end up killing me,” said Sibanda.

He admitted bashing his wife.

“I have been an abusive man but I blame that on my job which is strenuous and physically demanding. I promise this court that I will refrain from being abusive and try to be a good husband,” he said.

Magistrate Ndumo Masuku ordered him not to physically and sexually abuse his wife and granted Sibanda a protection order.

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