See 5 Police Interrogation Tactics That Can Lead To False Confession

Police interrogation is designed to extract a confession from a suspect. Officers have several tactics they use to draw out a confession even if the accused is innocent. They can even legally lie to suspects in various ways to get them to falsely admit to committing a crime.

You’re probably thinking that there is no way that a police officer could get you to confess to a crime you didn’t commit. But certain tactics are grueling and are known to break down even the toughest people

5. They Lie About Having Physical Evidence
It is completely legal for the police to lie to suspects to get a confession from them. One of the things that police officers and detectives can legally be untruthful about is physical evidence. They may tell the accused that they have that person’s fingerprints or DNA, but it normally requires quite a bit of time to get those types of tests back from labs. (Well that’s for the developed world) In Nigeria they might tell you you have an accomplice or sidekick in the crime and that he/she has confessed already and that delaying your own confession will only make matters worse for you. They might also tell you they have a CCTV footage or video evidence from a witness.
Please at this point , do not panic. If you’re not guilty maintain your stance until you find a good lawyer. If you are guilty, then it might just be confession time for you

4. The Reid Technique
This technique is a psychological attack on the suspect and is often so potent it leads to so many false confessions.
First, they isolate the suspect from friends and family so that the person will feel alone. The “bad cop” starts by stating that the accused is guilty and presents a theory for the crime. The police officer ignores all claims of innocence. The “good cop” then enters the picture and tells the suspect that he understands the reason for committing the crime. The “good cop” tries to convince the accused that good things will happen after confessing, such as a lesser charge or maybe even being set free.

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3. They Tell You Refusal To Cooperate Will Damage Your Case

Police want suspects to believe that officers can help the accused to receive a lighter sentence if that person cooperates. This is another lie told by police because they have nothing to do with sentencing. They typically tell you refusal to cooperate will only do damage to your case. Being open with the police is not helpful because anything a suspect says will be used against him in court. So its better you get careful of the kind of statements you make.

2. Lie about the presence of an eyewitness and confession from an accomplice

Another way they use to get suspect is telling them about a mysterious eyewitness who has identified them as the culprit or an accomplice of theirs being interrogated elsewhere has confessed already. Investigators usually use this technique to extract small details, such as time of the crime and location. Police may ask the accused a question that seems harmless, such as “Tell us where you met your friend.” But an answer is a confession to the facts.. If they tell you about an accomplice or an eyewitness, please do not panic. Do not be confused if you’re sure of yourself.

1. They Torture You Into Making A confession

This is actually a trademark of the Nigerian police. They torture you with sticks, hot metals, iron or boiling ring. They also result to beating and hitting you accompanied with slaps and punches. They tell you to confess and failure to do so will only extend your torture. Please just bear and endure until you find a good lawyer. If he’s good enough, your torture scars can also be used as your own advantage.

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