Is Veteran Actor, Jide Kosoko Adekunle Gold’s Father? (See Shocking Revelation)

Nigerian singer, songwriter and graphic designer Adekunle Gold is undoubtedly a star, but there are rumors that Adekunle Gold might have royal blood running in his veins. Let’s find the answer to the question, “Who is Adekunle Gold’s father?”

First of all, Adekunle Gold is a talented Nigerian singer and songwriter. He developed a new music genre which he defines as urban highlife. His music career started in 2014. His first single titled “Sade” became very popular being played a lot of times on various Nigerian radio stations. His other songs like Orente, Let it stop, No sleeping on a bicycle, Norm Breaker, Pick Up and All of me (John Legend cover) also received positive reviews from music critics.

Adekunle Gold real name is Adekunle Kosoko. Adekunle Gold is the only son of his father and mother. Though he has three sisters. Adekunle’s uncle is Nollywood legend Jide Kosoko. Kosoko is a royal family of Lagos Island which means that Adekunle Kosoko is a prince.

Though it has already become known that Adekunle Gold is a prince, it still remains a secret who is Adekunle Gold father. The only information revealed to the public is that his father is from a royal family in Lagos. As mentioned above, Adekunle Gold is a nephew of Jide Kosoko, a member of the royal family ruling in Lagos State.

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You might want to ask what is Adekunle Gold father name? But even this information seems to be skillfully concealed from the watchful eyes of the public. The only thing known is that Adekunle Gold inherited his music talent from his father. When Adekunle’s father drove him and his sisters to school, he used to play classic songs by King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey.

There are a lot of unknowns about Adekunle Gold father. Aside from the fact that he is a prince in Lagos and member of the Kosoko royal family of Lagos, the main secret about who is Adekunle Gold father is still unrevealed.

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