See How A Man Rejoiced After Divorcing His Wife. (Photos)

While some drown in sorrow after going through a messy divorce, a man can’t seem to contain his excitement after gaining “freedom” from his marriage.

The South African Dj and show promoter took to Facebook to rejoice after finalising his divorce with estranged wife in a court.

According to him, he got wedded on November 26th, 2011. Four years into their marriage, he filed for divorce (in 2015). And today, the wish came to pass as the divorce was granted.

The excited man who said he is free, wrote;

#Married 26November 2011
#FiledForDivorce 03June 2015
#Divorced 03 August 2018

#ItsOver #AmFree #Zasha #KimberlyHighCourt

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