Liberian Women Shade Each Other On Social Media Over Flashing Of Boobs (Photos)

An American based Liberian Comedienne has called out a female Instagram user for flashing her boobs on social media.

According to Miracle Gbayee, the lady Berenice Mulubah once called her a “disgraceful woman” because she shows off her boobs only for her to turn around and do same thing.

She then took to her Facebook profile to call out the other lady:

"My Liberian people your come and see Berenice Mulubah with her breast fleshing on Social media. Berenice Mulubah you say I was a disgraceful woman to the world by fleshing my breast? Are you looking for man or attention on social media now because of your views is dropping like a Africa rain?

And in another post, she boasted of how strong she is, being an established actress and comedienne and so no harsh words that are said against her can bring her down

Like it or believe it or not, I'm a international comedian and a actress! If you think you're a entertainer or want to be a entertainer like me then don't put me down or Criticize me to become like me, if you do make sure you're strong enough like me!

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