How Cell Phones Damage Your Sperm Cells And Causes Infertility In Men

I quickly want to share with you what I learnt years back in one training session I attended. During the training session, the trainer collected a Nokia Hand Set with fully charged battery and then brought a fresh egg. He placed the egg and the handset together inside a polythene bag and then tied the bag, after which he told us to start calling the Hand Set Number….. Calling and Calling, Busy – Busy.

When the Hand Set battery completely drained down, he gave the phone to the owner and cracked the egg. Behold the egg was cooked! Done! We were surprised and asked for explanation.

He told us that every handset emits Electromagnetic Rays which was the rays that was responsible for cooking of the egg. He also said that for device to be named “Hand Set by international bodies is not by accident, he said that it is never a Pocket Set
He went on to say that MEN have scrotum, an egg resemblance in between their legs. He admonished men to stop putting their hand set in their pockets, but to hold it on hand so that the radiation from it will not denature their spermatozoa and cook their scrotum.

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He also said further that by putting their hand set in their pocket close to their scrotum can cause them a serious health challenges especially Prostate Cancer and likewise infertility. One advise, do not take this lightly really, prevention is much better than cure.

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