Check Out This Flying Jet Suit That Sells For N210Million In London (Watch Video)

British inventor Richard Browning is a real-life Iron Man.

Recently, Browning, the man behind the 1,050-horsepower, jet-engine flying Gravity suit, set a new world record for the “fastest speed in a body controlled jet engine powered suit.”

He achieved a speed of 32.02 mph over a lake at Lagoona Park in Reading, England, according to Guinness World Records.

Browning told ABC News that in March 2016, he started tossing around an idea: “Could you approach the challenge of human flight in an entirely different way by augmenting the human body with power, with horsepower? … Rather than putting the human being inside a flight machine.”

That question was the starting point for his flying suit.

“This started out as, I suppose, an opportunity to go and try and achieve something that hadn’t been done before,” he said. “It was the challenge really. The sheer hell of the challenge. … Learning from failure has been the fuel that’s driven our journey.”

His company, Gravity Industries, made a deal with its first investor in early 2017 and has already sold a copy of the original jet suit.

Browning said that while the Marvel character Iron Man had not been the original start point for the jet suit, he remains a fan and loved that people made that connection with it.

“It is wonderful, especially with kids,” he said. “They draw this great parallel.”

His goal, Browning added, is to make flying a reality for more people.

“I know we’re only at the beginning of this journey,” he said. “I can’t help but be quite excited about the journey we’re on. It’s a pleasure.”

See Video of him flying with his jet jacket.

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