Lady slaps her boyfriend for ordering 4 bottles of alcoholic drink when she took him out for a date

Following yesterday drama where a guy slapped his girlfriend for wanting to fry four eggs all for herself, a lady has revealed how she slapped her boyfriend whom she took out for a date.

According to her post, he ordered for 4 Bottles of drink, she returned 2 bottles and he angrily poured the contents of the remaining two, this made her slap him.

Read her post below;

I took my boyfriend out to drink and he ordered 4 bottles of Budweiser. I asked the waiter to take back 2. In a fit of anger he poured away the other 2 bottles and got up to go. I jacked his shirt and slapped him for such insolence and silliness.

P.S… guys just mind it. It’s reasons like this you aren’t married. On top of my money again. Imagine such. You want to drink my bank account dry. Afo sagbuo gi dia. 🙄🙄🙄

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