Married Woman Caught With Another Married Man In Enugu; Paraded Naked (Photos)

Wonders shall never end ooo.

Everyday for a thief but one day for the owner. This is happening live In Amokwe village in Oduma the largest town in Aninri LGA of Enugu state.

A married man in broad daylight leaved his village all the way to Amokwe to sleep with another man’s wife.
He was apprehended by the neighborhood who alerted the husband. Due to anger and frustration , the man almost chop off his manhood. He was seriously beaten by the community.

Both the man and the woman was caught unclad.
Dailyinfo learnt that, they were lovers before the lady got married .

According to the community leaders, they said this the first time such abomination will be happening in the community.

The pictures are already been circulated in the social media.

The worst is that this is happening in my home town Oduma.
Very bad….

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