“Ideas Bring More Riches Than Tithes, Japan Is A Proof” – Reno Omokri

Still on the ongoing tithe debate, Former presidential media aide, Reno Omokri who is also a lawyer, author and a pastor took to his twitter handle to give his opinions about tithe.

According to his tweets, he said tithes are for levite and not Pastors, he further said if one does not pay tithe, things won’t be tight for such person neither will the person die. Using Japan as an example, he said they have 1% population of Christian yet they are 10times Richer than Nigeria with 50% of Christians.

Read full tweet:

[b]I have read The Bible from cover to cover in multiple translations-tithes are an AGRICULTURAL tax placed on the Hebrews by God to cater for Levites who were not given any land in the promised land by Moses because God wanted them to focus on him.Tithes are for Levites not pastors
Abraham paid tithe of military plunder to Melchizedek, not earnings. If you don’t pay tithes, things wont be tight for you and you wont die. @JeffBezos became the world’s richest man through ideas not tithes. As a matter of fact, tithes have no place in Christianity!
Dear @the_olugbenga and @ayskilewa27
Today’s Levites are yesterday’s Levites. No change. A book of genealogy is maintained in Israel to identify who is and is not a Levite. Levites have names that identify them as Levites, like Cohen! You become a pastor. You are born a Levite
If riches are linked to paying tithes, how come Japan, with less than 1% Christian population is 10 times richer than Nigeria with a Christian population of almost 50%? This is even as Japan’s natural resources are 5 times less than Nigeria’s? Ideas bring more riches than tithes!
The world’s biggest church auditorium is being constructed in Nigeria. Unfortunately, we hardly hear of the world’s biggest factory, railroad, hospital or schools being built in Nigeria. Advise to the Nigerian religious community, build people, dont just build buildings

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