“Have Lots Of Sex To Lose Weight, Get Curves”- Weight Loss Pro Advises Girls

A Nigerian girl has exposed that one of the main ways of loosing weight and having a good shape is by having sex regularly. She describe this among other reasons behind her weight loss on her twitter page.

She got the social media buzzing by her advice that girls should have regular sex using the “legs on shoulder position”

  1. Gym 5/7 days, 80% cardio ( treadmill, spinning, step class and skipping).
  2. Eat after 10 am ( have coffee it will fill you up) and Don’t eat after 6pm.
  3. Cut out bread, rice, pap, pasta and sugar.
  4. Eat lots of grapefruit.
  5. Have 2 tsp of Organic Apple cider vinegar in warm water everyday before bed.
  6. Have lots of sex… I’m serious, that legs on shoulder position targets your core
  7. Give in to your cravings so you don’t binge. Want some chocolate? So that means you have one cheat day, mine is on Sundays.
  8. Drink water and eat your water, snack on raw veggies ( cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots etc)
  9. Nuts are your best friends, this does not extend to male organs.
  10. Fasting walking on inclination on the treadmill makes you sweat more than running. Burpees are your best friend ( combo work outs)
  11. Rest ALOT! You gona fall off, I’m serious you will but don’t focus on that, just go back at it again like nothing happened
  12. Alcohol will set you back but try to stick to dry red wine, “dash” is your worst enemy. Don’t do it.
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