Lady Expelled From Federal University Lokoja Unjustly Speaks

A Nigerian lady who was handed her expulsion letter from Federal University Lokoja few days ago, has narrated what really led to the incident on Twitter.

According to the lady who disclosed that she is an orphan, her journey to getting expelled started after an examination leakage where some students were alleged to have bought questions from a driver.

Twitter user @yoitslegit who shared the story on behalf of the Federal University Lokoja student identified as Lydia Lawal, wrote;

My name is Lydia Lawal, I studied Economics at Federal University lokoja. After 4 years of blood and sweat my university handed me an expulsion letter unjustly. Please I want all well meaning Nigerians to help share my story till we get justice.

I gained admission to Federal University lokoja in 2013, as an orphan I had to work in Lagos during the long vacations to pay my school fees. And from my first semester to 400 level first semester I was on second class upper with a 4 point cgpa.

The issue that led to the expulsion of 13 students in my class started during my final exams when there was an alleged examination leakage where some students were said to have bought questions from a driver.

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I happened to be the departmental president at the time of the crises and I was called by my head of department to answer some with less than a week’s notice. The university management refused to release the result of the new exam, refused to convok my department with others and didn’t mobilize us for NYSC.

I was shocked that after almost 9months the university management called 13 of us which includes the best student in my class with a cgpa of 4.9 to come and pick up an expulsion letter, and our names pasted all over the school as expelled students.

The Vice chancellor claims that as long as you were invited to the exam malpractice committee, then it’s enough reason to believe one is involved.Please I am asking for an human right activist to take up our case. Please I cannot afford the services of a lawyer. Please don’t let this injustice be swept under carpet , we believe they are playing politics with our lives

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