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Sex Doll Now Programmed To Refuse Sex If She’s Bored Or Disrespected

New upgrade by Dr . Sergi Santos, the creator of Samantha the sex doll, means she can turn down sex if she’ s not in the mood or if she feels disrespected.

Santos upgraded the robot at the request of his wife , so it can now shut down if it feels like it’ s being treated inappropriately, reports Independent UK.

The upgrade meant the doll can now enter what is called ‘ dummy mode . ’

The mode was demonstrated at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, and it is activated if sensors under skin detect a partner is aggressive or if Samantha is bored by its partner’ s advances .

She even has the ability to say “ No ” if she wants to .

Samantha was left “ heavily soiled ” after being presented at a tech fair last year , after people reportedly acted “ like barbarians” towards her .

In theory, the new update will encourage sex doll owners to treat robot woman — and real women — with respect and create awareness about consent.

Samantha does not yet have a release date . But she is expected to go into mass production with the price tag of £3, 600 ( $4, 700) .

The robot has motorised hands , hips and face , and can whisper endearments if properly seduced . She also has ‘ family ’ , ‘ romantic ’ and ‘ sex ’ modes , as well as an ‘ extra naughty ’ level.

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