‘I never liked that woman for anything’ – Bobrisky supports Liz Anjorin as they both bash Ronke Oshodi Oke

Last night, actress, Lizzy Anjorin responded to Ronke Oshodi Oke’s advise to stop showing off on social media.

Liz Anjorin described her as ‘evil, wicked and an old jobless begger’. (Read HERE).

Now, Bobrisky has stepped in too saying he never liked Ronke Oshodi Oke. According to him, ‘I’m fully in support of Liz Anjorin’s words last nite. Imagine working hard all day all night and finally God answered my prayer and I bought a new car or a new house, how will I keep quite without sharing wat my God has gifted to me to other people who don’t have strong believe that same God can still bless them too. One Mumu said we should always keep quite wen we achieve new stuffs. I never liked that woman for anything because sometimes early last yr she has crossed my path but I over looked it. And I pray to God for her clap back let me destroy her with an everlasting insult’.

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‘Some of her followers too are saying ma u are speaking the truth. Really ! Y won’t she speak the truth wen u are all in the same caliber of “BROKE” family. Trust me something new is coming for me soon I swear I will disturb the internet with it. Because I know how long I have been saving to get it’ he said.

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