Friends share shocking story of how their friend almost got raped by a gay celebrity hairstylist (See Screenshotz)

Two friends have narrated how a gay hairstylist nearly raped their friend in Lagos yesterday.

The friend, who nearly fell victim, is a budding cinematographer/video editor who recently came into Lagos in search of greener pastures. In the process of networking and meeting new people for work purposes, he was introduced to a hairstylist who invited him out, then tried to rape him.

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Unknown to him, the hairstylist was a homosexual and, during their meeting, he reportedly locked the cinematographer in his house and tried to have sex with him. He refused to listen to pleas from him when the cinematographer refused his advances. In desperation, the cinematographer locked himself in the bathroom and called his friends asking them to come to his rescue.

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The friends eventually showed up and have now arrested the hairstylist.

Read the account of both friends below.

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