Beautiful Woman Still In Shock As She Was Attacked By A Fox While She Slept In Her Bed (Photos)

A woman has told of her terror as she woke up bleeding in her bed to find she had been attacked by a fox as she slept.

Horrified Jodie Nailard, 22, woke with a start when she felt a sharp pain in her bicep at 5.30am on Sunday.

Startled, the woman jumped, sending the four-legged assailant flying onto the floor of her ground floor flat in Clapham, South West London.

Jodie had suffered six puncture wounds from the bite to her arm after the fox sneaked in through the patio doors to her bedroom which Jodie and boyfriend Harry King had left open.

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Jodie told The Sun: ‘

My left bicep was throbbing with pain and covered in blood and I wondered what the hell had happened.

‘Then I saw a fox at the end of my bed and I just screamed and burst into tears.As I sat up I accidentally kicked it and it jumped off the bed and ran out of the door.’

She was kept in hospitals for two days where she was vaccinated against rabies, tetanus and polio
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