7 Reasons You Should Get Back With Your Ex

It’s been 3 months and you’re still playing eenie meenie miney mo with your decision to break it off

If your relationship with your ex didn’t work out the first time, what’s to say a second trial will fix what broke you in the first place? So just toss it out and move on, right? Maybe not.

After all, as the popular saying goes, ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.’ There just might be a reason or two left why you should attempt to rekindle your torn up love. Call your ex up tonight and get back together if…

You still have strong feelings

Getting over an ex is difficult for most people but if getting over this particular ex is becoming a herculean task, then maybe it’s because you’re not really meant to get over this person. You don’t want to see pre-wedding photos on Instagram and start kicking yourself because deep down you know, ‘this could have been us, if only I’d given us a second chance.’

You’re both (still) unattached

Nothing screams ‘second chance’ louder than two unattached adults who were once in love and find that their lives are still slightly intertwined with a handful of residual feelings lurking around. If there’s no significant other who could get hurt from a getting-back-together, then looks like you’ve got an open field. Go for it.

You’re not a quitter

As silly as this sounds, this is the kind of silly, dogged reasoning you’ll need to keep a marriage intact for any amount of time. I see no reason why you can’t give it a try with your relationship. Don’t be a quitter; finish what you start. If after you’ve given it your all, things don’t work out, then it is safe to declare it an impossible situation and absolve you of all ‘quitter charges.’

You’re still hooking up

It’s not uncommon to see two people who have declared a break up, sneaking around the back to keep hooking up. Some people give the excuse that the intimacy was always great but everything else seemed problematic. In my opinion, if you’re

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going to keep messing around with your ex, just get back together and let’s all move on.

No one else compares

I’ve heard tell, that the best way to get over a man, is to get under another but if all the new guys you’ve binge dated don’t help take your mind off your ex, then there’s a problem. Don’t be out here making some poor guy feel bad for not being your ex. If no one else compares, go pick your ex back up, dust him off and take him back. It’s your party (or funeral really).

The problem seems trivial in retrospect

Everything looks better after a good night’s sleep. With a broken relationship however, it might take a number of fortnights before things start looking better. When the dust of hurt and disappointment settles and your head is once again clear, you might find that the problem is fixable. There just might be a reasonable compromise that could set getting back together on the horizon.

Clear your doubts

Time, they say, heals all wounds but it also dulls the memory and soon you start thinking your ex was the best thing to ever walk the planet. Sometimes all you need is a second run at it to show you that you weren’t mistaken the first time around and you should stay broken up.

If any of these seem like a good reason to pick up the phone, don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. You owe it to yourself to be happy and it’s nobody’s business who you choose to be happy with.

Credit: Ore Ajewole

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