Check Out The Big Snake Killed In A Church Last Night (Photos)

An online user shared his experience with a python snake killed in his church;

As shared:

See the huge snake i killed in my cousin’s church this night.

The church is close to my house and we were setting up the new musical equipment the church bought and testing it late into the night.

After we were done, we decide to play some songs a little. We later put “victory” by Eben on continous play while we danced.

When we were done, he wanted to go put off the generator when he ran back that there’s a big snake already in the church going towards the children church.
I ran out, found a stick and got back into the church bt i first freaked out when i came face to face with the snake bt had to summon courage when i saw the snake trying to escape.

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The first strike caught it well, subsequent ones killed it.
We had to burn it even in the rain but it didn’t burn completely.

We’ll continue the burning tomorrow.

Indeed, God gave us victory.

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