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#BBNaija: Actress Ejine Okoroafor pleads with ex-housemates to end their feuds

, #BBNaija: Actress Ejine Okoroafor pleads with ex-housemates to end their feuds, Effiezy - Top Nigerian News & Entertainment Website

, #BBNaija: Actress Ejine Okoroafor pleads with ex-housemates to end their feuds, Effiezy - Top Nigerian News & Entertainment Website

Nollywood actress Ejine Okoroafor who was also a product of the reality TV show has pleaded with feuding ex-housemates to shield their swords and stop unnecessary malice.

The actress explained how it is necessary to mend broken fences as no one knows what tomorrow may bring and there are lots of achievements to enjoy together and at the same time, there are so many benefits attached to healthy friendships.

Read her post below:

In a world where true friends are scarce, the lovely video of Tobi and Alex I saw this beautiful morning struck a chord in me and I think a little story of mine is worth sharing… So I remembered back in 2008 during the Next movie star.

I had met a girl – that has turned out to be my best friend – at the audition that held in Abuja and for reasons I guess was fate, we just clicked. At that time, my bf was going to UK for a short visit and I told him to help buy us sneakers for working out as requested by the organisers of the reality/talent hunt show.

Again as fate would have it, we both made it to the house but for some reasons still unknown to us both, we drew apart and that saw me drifting towards Karen Igho during my stay in the house😁…. Interestingly, immediately after the house we settled our little differences and continued our seemingly life-long journey of friendship.

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Ever since that day till today we have been best friends – though we have had our fair share of ups n down -but we have remained besties, sisters and she’s a life saver…For me, I can’t trade our friendship for any one😁 as much as I know this my BFF would do same.

So my advice to all this big brother housemate fighting each other is to give up, stop letting your fans strike chords of discordant, quench the bile, forgive & let love rule because afterall, we are in small world where everything that goes around, comes around…echi di ime (Tomorrow is pregnant)because that friend I met in 2008 in Next movie star is today, married to a billionaire and do you know what?

As busy as she can be, she has always been there for me, she will always make time for me out of her busy schedule just as I would do same for her…For future contestants of BBNaija, money ain’t the only reward for being in the house, true friendship is also a reward and please be nice to everyone irrespective of their ways towards you.

Remember, True friends are priceless…Happy birthday Tobi and may God bless your beautiful heart

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